Company Care works with employers and employees through educational programs and various health screenings to promote a healthier, safer workplace in Greater Pasadena, TX. Safety services offered through Company Care are designed to assist companies in creating a work environment that will minimize the probability of injury or accidents. These services and programs include the following:

Loss/Injury Management is the cornerstone of Company Care. Historically, hospital-based programs used their emergency departments as the provider of service to treat injured workers from client companies. The ability to provide fast, efficient service in an emergency setting was the frustration of many occupational program administrators. As occupational health programs evolved and became more customer service oriented, injuries were moved from the emergency department to clinical areas either within or outside the hospital setting.

Company Care provides several crucial components for success:

  • Fast, efficient, urgent care
  • Physicians with knowledge of the work site
  • Clinical staff able to facilitate treatment
  • The ability to designate the physical restrictions for the injured worker
  • Knowledge or access to the knowledge of the hazards in the work environment and the OSHA regulations required when there is an exposure to those hazards
  • Case tracking of the injured worker from the time of injury through return to full duty
  • Ability to complete a variety of employer forms and insurance reports to facilitate the claim of the injured worker
  • A mechanism to provide feedback to the employer after the injured worker has been treated
  • A cost efficient charging system for all care provided

Treatment of the Injured Worker

Fast, efficient, urgent care is the goal of this service. Knowledgeable physicians and professional staff provide the hands on care for the injured worker. Company Care has developed treatment standards to ensure injury management is standardized to provide emergency care, follow-up referrals and company feedback for injured worker's medical data.

Care Management

Company Care will provide a case tracker to follow the case of the injured worker through the continuum of care. The coordinator provides education to the worker regarding the extent of injury, follow-up referral appointments, communication with the client company about physical restrictions for temporary alternate work and facilitates communication with the employer and the insurance company.