Welcome to Kirkwood Medical Associates

The Practice Values

  1. Patients' medical conditions and healthcare needs will be managed in accordance with the highest medical and professional standards.
  2. We understand that a patient's time is valuable and are therefore committed to providing you with "same day" service and brief wait times.
  3. Patients will always be treated with courtesy, dignity, and respect
  4. Patients will receive appropriate and timely information about their condition along with suitable treatment options.
  5. The practice will attempt to continually educate patients concerning health, well-being, and preventative medicine through patient awareness and education.

In adhering to our practice values we hope that our patients:

  • Will be highly satisfied with their personalized care.
  • Will develop a lasting relationship with our practice for all of your healthcare needs.
  • Feel a desire to refer friends and family.

Welcome Dr. Frank J. Ponce III, MD, MPH to the Kirkwood Medical Associates group

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